Platform-based control over User Dashboard

Visibility and control are two things that the freight industry needs critically right now to be able to make smart decisions and change plans. The latest version of Trukky’s modern stack platform not only enables but also gives users the power of a customizable, tailored experience.

Trukky has introduced a new personalized platform experience that features the dashboard pre-configured to the specific needs of users, logistics managers. truck drivers and also that this latest update offers the ability to monitor the freight through transparent live status from anywhere, including mobile devices.

The shipping can be incredibly stressful. You know the anxious feeling you get when you order a moderately expensive thing online and you’re waiting for it to arrive, trying desperately to check the status and current location of it? Well, imagine that you have 1,000 shipments moving at one time valued at several millions.

Wouldn’t you want the highest amount of visibility possible into the status of those shipments?

This experience inspired the design of our dashboard. We enabled our clients to see every status and location across all of their shipments.

Online payment

When you submit the details of your pick-up, drop-off location of the cargo, you get the estimated fare instantly where you confirm the booking through safe payment.

Document download

The dashboard gives you the freedom to manage your freight documents like invoices can be downloaded for record purposes.

Tracking location

You know where your shipment is at all times, through our unparalleled user experience, you can find out the location and the status of your shipment instantly.

Real-time GPS tracking of in-progress orders anywhere, anytime.

booking history and support

User history is maintained and can be viewed easily. which gives you complete control over your financing through a complete freight statement.

Moreover, 24/7 support is available by the professionals to help you in guiding your booking or provide support and help if any issue arises.

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