Hello to the new Trukky brand

Trukky started in 2014 and after 5 years of successful journey, we rebranded to meet the needs of our customers and other stakeholders giving launched our re-branded website. Although Trukky is recognized all over the country, we needed some tools to consistently visualize our strategy and help us better connect with people. We needed a design system that could establish a more cohesive visual identity and maintain that cohesion across a wide range of marketing touchpoints.

To unlock the idea of rebranding Trukky, we had to analyze deep into the strategy by unpacking the meaning of “Moving Forward Together” and translating it into a simple yet powerful creative concept that could be executed in countless ways.

Having established the core creative concept, we then developed a set of fundamental design behaviors to guide our thinking and keep us connected to the underlying strategy at all times. The practice of establishing design behaviors was put into place during the development of our brand system, and we followed that approach when creating our design behaviors.

Trukky has been working to raise the standards of logistics by digitalizing the processes and facilitating the users and drivers have been focusing on the quality of services at competitive prices and supporting each shipment through the latest technology with standardized customer services.

About brand.

The new way to Moving freight

The struggle of moving freight is now over. Trukky, a name that is continuously changing the way freight moves. With our revolutionary platform and cutting-edge technology, we bring together the largest network of truckers and shippers that give Reliable, Transparency & deep visibility control and with a seamless experience.

Trukky was introduced to the world in March 2015 with plans of changing the freight industry with our cutting-edge technology and unparalleled customer experience. Our instant price predicting algorithm and partnership with the most trusted shippers and carriers helps us facilitate a transparent and seamless booking experience.

From online booking to live tracking and ePOD, we offer a one-stop solution to all freight requirements. With the help of AI and data science, we reduce operational costs and bring in fair prices for customers. We further eradicate the middle-man’s margin and help reduce the customer costs. Our network-connected 10,000+ trucks and drivers and 24*7 dedicated support team help manage queries of our customers and ensure the arrival of shipment on time.

Two pillars of Trukky

Easy to understand: So that we can communicate with everyone easily, including our valuable drivers Useful: We value time and every communication should be worth the reader’s time. Every communication should also turn into an action

New Logo and it’s meaning

A new logo that not just represents a truck, that is the heart of our brand, but also an arrow. This arrow keeps us reminded that we are always on the go and moving ahead of all.

The bright, bold yet calming blue and white colors make it an approachable brand for all. Inspired by the hues of the sky, this refreshing palette makes it distinct and easily recognizable.

Tone of Voice


Trukky is created by people for the people, therefore we are always very humble, approachable, and understanding.


We keep our technical lingo aside and simplify our words so that everyone can understand them easily

Straight Forward:

Just like our services, our words too don’t mislead or confuse our customers. Our words and language are very straight to the point. We respect your time and give you exactly what you want.


Before a service provider, we are humans first. Our priority is to serve you the best everywhere. It always adds a personal touch to our words, just like a friend who cares for you.

Visual Design


Black, Blue, and white are the Primary colors at Trukky. A color palette that brings energy, freshness, and distinction, while taking inspiration from the hues found in the Truck, Freight, and shipping containers.

The product colors will always appear as full tone neither darkened nor lightened for a clear visual appearance without making it too colorful.


A font that is strong, sophisticated, and techy, while also feeling soft and humanly crafted. The font styles used at Trukky are elegant, with mixed cases to get loud and striking and yet reduced to keep it clear in all the interfaces. Bold, Semi-bold and Regular font from the Sans family has been used as a standardized font structure. The different weights used to enable the content to be structured clearly and the web pages have been showcased in a diversified ad effective manner.

The smallest font size should be 14px for information deemed important. Things like the legal text are at the minimum legal size.


Our composition system is elegant in its sheer simplicity of use, it creates a subtle arrow wherever it appears. By defining the grid based on the logo (and exploring how columns scale across compositions of various sizes), the system stays flexible and beyond easy to apply. We’ve established different frame variants, how type works in different layouts, and have wire-framed our dynamic composition web tool to prepare for the initial build.

3D Icons

The icons indicate simple and direct information and interactions that are derived from the technical drawing. A wide range of icons has been designed and developed for all the interfaces each with two different sizes for use within the website and the mobile application.

These icons have been made from fewer elements styled with a content thickness of 1px avoiding the filled-in blocks. The icons have been assigned to a certain term and are used in the respective context only.


We have kept the illustrations simple. No extra second be wasted, decoding what modern art is all about. for making it more relatable and expressive. Represent the spice of life as is. Embrace the pop culture. Be meme-ly. Be memorable. Dramatize. Emphasize. Aggrandize. Hyperbolize. Catch their eyes.

3d Motion

The response effects and functional animation have been used to visual animation of the product. The hover effects on the buttons visually identify the cursor movement on the screen while the functional animations guide the user through the process for improved orientation and focusing on the small details of the product.

The animation has been used in improving the user orientation for comprehensible and flowing transition between the two views. The motion patterns on the mobile devices have been covered byb the native functions.

New Product UI & Design system

The product managers and designers are working across the team having a broader technical scope with varied skill sets. With multiple tasks, they sometimes work on all and for all and also as an umbrella for the teams. With complete market research of competitors, latest technologies, colors, typology, and designs the UI designers come up with the most suitable designs. The final product is sent for development and production for giving the user interface their real-life experience. We have the brain behind the creation and the design culture who is responsible to provide a variety of platforms, formats and environments best suiting the interest of the stakeholders.

Our Website and progressive web app

First, we’ve launched a reimagined trukky.com. Given more than a simple design facelift, our website now more broadly communicates our vision and value proposition for the Operating System for freight needs. It boasts more robust information about not just our trucking services, but other associated services. And it more prominently features our most important strength as an organization: our people.

Trukky Dashboard

Trukky is India’s pioneer web and app-based online Transport Booking platform that connects users to Hire a Truck with a network of thousands of Truck drivers for Quick and Prompt Goods Delivery Options, Transport Expertise includes Full Truck Load, Part Truck Load, Door to Door Parcel.


Trukky team & Collaborative team

A team of inspiring colleagues and top tech minds are here to change the world. Take on the reign decoding some of the most mind-boggling challenges in technology and design, to reach new limits of mobility, for a new world.

This new mobile technology and seamless communication system within the network of truck operators have been standardized through this design system. The designing department at Trukky is consisting of multiple functions and teams working across the borders. In years of working at the organization, it was clear that a systematic way for guidance and leverage was required for the collective effort of the team.

Saswat sahu

Design head- Trukky

Robbin Cenijn

Ex – Creative Director UENO — San Francisco

Margaret liu

Ex – Uber design lead — San Francisco

Trukky design team

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