Product UX writing strategy

Trukky believes in the value of their audience ad share their patterns by making the users as the core of the strategy. The transparent business goals of the company have been communicated with all the stakeholders. With their documented and outlined strategies, the cross-functional team work together to define the content and writing material for Trukky app for the customers as well as for the drivers. 

The Team Trukky has focused on the company mission of high-quality logistic service experience by making research the pre-requisite of the UX content strategy starting from the real user experience and feedback.  

Who is the Trukky Audience? 

The users of Trukky web & mobile app can be classified into two categories depending on their application, hence the UX Content strategy was designed differently for both the users keeping in mind their preferences and intellect. 

Customers at Trukky

The Trukky customers are the B2B business owners who intend to send or receive the goods. The modern way of hiring truck services has demanded a simple yet precise content explaining the user with all the steps of booking including

Landing pagemicrosite support.

Drivers at Trukky

The Trukky drivers mostly belong to simple and less intellectual individual demanding the easiest tone of voice to design Trukky has been written in language that can be understood pan India. 

Trukky Team involved in Writing Strategy

The concise clear and useful user experience cannot be imposed on one man’s shoulders, rather it has been a joint effort at different levels from Research team, to UI Designers, Experience designer, UX writers, Product managers and the Engg. team. We truly believe it is not just UX content strategy but a complete brand strategy focusing on the end user’s point of view. 

UX Content Design at Trukky

Keeping the content primary component of the UX content strategy below mentioned rules have been followed by the team;

  • The choice of words for the app has been very conversational by keeping it simple, concise, clear and more useful rather than commanding. 
  • The words used on the product interface has been in simple English so that it can get translated accurately into another language.
  • The consistency of the tone has been kept in mind while using the navigation buttons and throughout the app in both the interfaces of the app.  
  • The interface and the content have been designed keeping the interaction intuitive at all stages. 
  • The interface and the steps for booking, acceptance and insurance has been made as simple as possible to keep the users engaged to complete the process easily. 

The Tone of Voice in UX Content at Trukky

Humble: Trukky is created by people for the people, therefore we are always very humble, approachable and understanding. 

Simple: We keep our technical lingo aside and simplify our words so that everyone can understand it easily. 

For Example; 

Simple copy: Book & Pay later

Difficult copy: Confirm Booking

Straight forward: Just like our services, our words too don’t mislead or confuse our customers. Our words and language are very straight to the point. We respect your time and give you exactly what you want.

Friendly: Before a service provider, we are humans first. Our priority is to serve you the best everywhere. It always adds a personal touch to our words, just like a friend who cares for you

Our UX Strategy Goals 

UX Strategy teams have focused on guiding the user by being invisible and being empathetic to focus on what the user requires and what they feel at every step of product experience. As compared to just a content strategy, Trukky has elaborated its UX content strategy that has understood the user and build an elaborated brand image through digital content involving the UI areas, UX writers and product managers in line with the strategic thinking. 

The strategy has been aligned with the business goal of the company and the vision that “Truck is Simple”, either you are booking it to deliver goods or providing driving services. The modern logistic system that Trukky dreamed of had to be an approachable and understandable application for all its stakeholders.

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