Innovative Design Culture at Trukky

 You may wonder what is so special about the design culture of Trukky? How is it different from others? We want to retain the best of the best by identifying the constructive performers, giving great critique and constructive feedback and sharing assertive and building a trusted and psychologically safe environment. We believe in collaboration and high performance by putting some exciting challenges daily.  Every individual is important and every opinion is heard regardless of designation, background and culture.

How do we work?

Man learns from his surroundings and sometimes even more than the educational institute teaches them. Trukky Design teams have been organized into cross-functional squads subject to some common goals or sometimes tackling the specific task. Each squad may or may not have a certain maturity level to keep all the teams aligned to the task and performance. Like the Design team is consisting of below-mentioned squads;

  • Product Managers:  The product managers and designers are working across the team having a broader technical scope with varied skill set. With multiple tasks, they sometimes work on all and for all and also as an umbrella for the teams.
  • Researchers: You may wonder what researchers have to do with the Designing team, but they play the most important role. The initiation phase is backed by the report and the analysis provided by this squad, we call them our solid ground.  
  • UI Designers: With complete market research of competitors, latest technologies, colours, typology and designs the UI designers come up with the most suitable designs.
  • UX Writers: The design writers have expertise in providing user-friendly content suiting the actual and precise needs of the designs.
  • Front-end Developers: The final product is sent for development and production for giving the user interface their real-life experience.
  • Brand designer: We have the brain behind the creative and the design culture who is responsible to provide a variety of platforms, formats and environment best suiting the interest of the stakeholders.  
  • Experience designer: Another key player in the team is the actual practicioner of the design, services and processes with focus on providing culturally relevant solutions. 

Design Process at Trukky

 We are not just a team of designers, but we a mindset and a vision of the company. The design process at Trukky is not just workflow but a loop working continuously for improvement, delivery and modernization.

We follow the simple steps in our design thinking and innovative approach to mutually achieve the organizational goals.

EmpathyLearning about the audience and end-users, hearing from them, listening to their actual needs.
IdeateBrainstorming to come up with creative solutions.
TestTesting the solution from the user point of view.

The same cycle works in reverse order;

–        Rethinking, redesigning to pick the perfect one.

–        Getting back to the researchers and the user group.

–        Re-defining where and when required.

Our Design Team

When we talk about a great and efficient team, we are referring to our friendly environment with professional culture. The primary challenge the design team has been facing is using the right content keeping in mind the end-users, keeping them engaged and building the company value. Equality of opinion and rights is encouraged, the skillset should be emerged with great thinking and humbleness. The strong team is build with diversity and inclusion with added cultural values.    

The Design team located in San Fransicso as head office and also have been diverse around the world and we are open for anyone having same professionalism and values in himself to become a part of our team. This borderless culture has opened us for designers from around the world. We are still growing together and working on a distinct design system on having clear and improved design leveling, improved UX metrics and stronger leadership of the design group. 

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